About Claire

I'm an education reporter for Indiana Public Broadcasting, a statewide network of reporters focused on in depth reporting in Indiana for all NPR and PBS member stations. I report on policy, trends, but my more memorable reporting moments were serving as witness to one of the first gay weddings in the state and gathering audio at one engagement. 

I've written for the NPR Ed and NPR Politics blogs and contribute to national NPR projects like the plunge into school funding. I've worked at a newscaster and producer for two local talk shows. I recently finished a fellowship for the Institute for Justice in Journalism, where I produced stories about Indiana's English learners in rural areas.

I'm a master of the wonky– combing reports and data looking for stories I know people will read and that are important. But I thrive in the moments sitting across from a child, using every reporting tactic I know to get him to answer in a complete sentence.

If you were to get a beer with me I'd tell you about how I cry the first fifteen minutes of a Bruce Springsteen show because of overwhelming happiness, that my biggest fear is getting clotheslined by a car door while riding my bike and I use Snapchat to ask friends/co-workers daily the 'Question of the Day' (past favorites include: which emoji describes you, which cartoon character are you attracted to and which future celebrity death will be the hardest on you?).