About Claire

Claire is an education reporter at KUT, covering schools in the Austin, Texas area. 

Previously, she was an education reporter for Indiana Public Broadcasting, a statewide network of reporters focused on in depth reporting in Indiana for all NPR and PBS member stations. 

She's written for the NPR Ed and NPR Politics blogs and contributed to national NPR projects like the plunge into school funding. She's worked as a newscaster and producer for two local talk shows. She was a 2016 fellow for the Institute for Justice in Journalism, where she produced stories about Indiana's English learners in rural areas. She won an Edward R. Murrow award for that series.

She’s a current fellow for the Education Writer’s Association, working on a project about Austin’s achievement gap.

If you were to get a beer with her, she'd tell you about her obsession with Bruce Springsteen, her biggest fear is getting clotheslined by a car door while riding her bike and how she's currently enjoying a year's supply of La Croix sparkling water.